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For over 15 years, Seattle Rental Group has been providing unmatched service and expertise to owners that wish to rent their condominium, house or multi-family property in the greater Seattle area.

We are the leading residential leasing company in our region, and pride ourselves on being the best in our industry at procuring high quality tenants quickly and efficiently.

If you are considering renting your property, Seattle Rental Group can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars by renting your property quickly to a quality tenant using our efficient process

The Seattle Rental Group Advantage:

  • Top Notch Agents with unmatched market expertise
  • Broadest Market Reach with priority access to corporate employees from Microsoft, Boeing, Google, Amazon, Swedish Hospital and many more
  • Quality Tenants through extensive experience and thorough tenant screening
  • Consistent and Informed Communication with you throughout the process
  • Ongoing Support and Resources – we are there when you need us

At Seattle Rental Group our experience, broad marketing reach and refined and organized process translates to higher quality tenants and less vacant days for you. We save you time, stress and money, making your life as a property owner more profitable and hassle-free.